Super 30 - A selfless attempt to giving poor kids a shot at cracking the IIT exams.

A special three-part film following the journey of 30 young hopefuls from India's poorest state Bihar as they take part in an intensive educational programme to gain entry into the country's top universities.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Sulabh International - an affordable sanitation solution from India.

Stanford documentary on Sulabh International.>

3/4th of India = 2.5 times US population does not have access to a toilet.
Sulabh is a relief for the women who could earlier only go after sunset and before sunrise.

Jaipur Foot - BBC Documentary

BBC documentary on the Jaipur foot prosthetic in India.

Jaipur Foot - Part 1:

Jaipur Foot - Part 2:

Future of Public Distribution System in India

Can the use of biometric ration cards and cash coupons remove the pilferage of food grains and feed the millions of hungary stomachs?

America's Food security system An alternative to India's PDS

Why don’t we just make everything Free? The people of India aren’t starving because the government didn’t do enough for them, but because government got too involve in the food system. It uses taxpayer money to buy rice and wheat at inflated prices and then lets tons of it rot, or corrupt officials sell it on the black market, which further inflates rices. If there wasn’t a PDS system in India, The prices of rice and wheat would fall so that even the poor could afford to buy it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

No cookie can substitute for a hot meal!

Since 2001 all Indian primary schools have provided pupils with a free midday meal. Seven years on truancy rates have been slashed, and child health is soaring. Western governments are taking note.
"Compared to ours, today's generation is better off," explains a cook at one school we visited. Vijay Bhaskar agrees, he is the food administrator in Karnataka, and reveals, "the number of children out of school has reduced from 1 million to 70,000." The scheme has also seen off the junk food industry, as Bhaskar comments, "any person who has seen children eating a hot meal knows that no cookie can substitute."
April 2008


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