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The Story of India - BBC Documentary.

Some of the analysis pointing towards Sanskrit having an origin from outside India based on the fact that the Rig Veda points to an Easterly migration from Afganistan to Pakistan to the Gangetic plains implies that these countries are 'outside' of India - which is true contemporaneously - but till a 100 years ago they have had a shared history as the Indian subcontinent.

The assertions seem uninformed at best and malicious in all probability.
One needs to validate the casual assertions with serious historical rigor - otherwise a very well made documentary.

Part 1:

Gurgaon. The new Urban India

Why did Gurgaon grow more than Faridabad?

The contrast between the two upscale elite ladies is quite stark - but probably represents two archetypes of the Indian Nuvo Rich - those that can handle their wealth and those that loose their head.


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