Academic Series: Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat on why the world is not flat

IESE Business School (Spain) Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat using statistics to myth bust the extent of globalization....

Academic Series: Prof. Tarun Khanna on Narayana Hospital and Adhaar.

Prof. Tarun Khanna gives examples of technology leap frogging in emerging markets...

Academic Series: HBS Prof. Tarun Khanna @ IIM Bangalore.

In India data is noisy but unbiased while in China it is noise-free but biased....

Academics Series: Tarun Khanna in 2011 Emerging Market Forum

HBS Prof. Tarun Khanna with interesting perspectives from his experiments and startups in emerging markets.

India Shining

Tom Friedman, CK and Fareed Zakaria on India's rise...specifically the back office outsourcing.

Inspiring Young Indians

Young Indian Leaders: Inspiring youth to transform India

India - Banking On Change
J.S Parthibhan is a bank manager with a difference: he's interested in people, not numbers. Through micro loans, he helps villagers in rural areas develop a sense of entrepreneurship and self-respect.

India - Eat Pray Give: A man's service to the destitute.

Whilst Baba Ramdev continues his hunger strike in protest against poverty and corruption in India, one passionate chef is on the streets putting all his culinary skill into feeding Maduari's dispossessed.

Satyamev Jayate (Truth Prevails)

A 'goose bumpy' video by one of the most admired and talented actor of India - Aamir Khan.

Chasing opportunities Versus Living for a cause.

Hats off to these guys for doing this!

In a b-school undergrad class focused on Bottom of the Pyramid, students were sensitized to this exact question, through a thought experiment - do a quick calculation of daily spend (rent, food, clothing, leisure, health care...excluding tuition) to get a baseline. It came out to $60/day. There was....


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