The Inside Story of India’s $50 Computer Tablet

Staying aligned with one's virtuous self.

I have always found that staying aligned with one's virtuous self has been the most effective and efficient policy.

And it seems the reason could be that it removes doubts and unclutters the mind. For instance Gandhi's insistence on truth
led to choices that he made and that the nation emulated which defeated the machinations of the finest minds of the empire.

What is Human Development?

Human development is the process of enlarging the range of people's choices and freedoms.

Development can be seen as a process of expanding the real freedoms people enjoy. [Amartya Sen]

Seen in light of above definition, economic growth per se does not necessarily lead to human development.

Walking With The Nagas

"Walking with the Nagas" gives an intimate impression of the world's largest act of faith, the Kumbh Mela. The festival dates back to before Creation when Hindu Gods and demons were fighting in the celestial skies. In 2007, 70 million people made the pilgrimage to Allahabad in northern India for the Ardh Kumbh Mela. Bathing in the holy confluence of three rivers, the pilgrims cleanse their souls in search of spiritual enlightenment. The focus lies upon the Naga Sadhus, one of eight families of Hindu holy men. These warrior ascetics are an extremely reclusive family who have denounced all worldly ties and focus upon self-enlightenment through meditation. At the Kumbh, the Nagas lead the processions to the riverbanks for the sacred baths. Starting at midnight, the night is a freezing 3°C, but the Nagas persist, marching for endless hours, covered in no more than a thin layer of holy ash.

Gandhi's Children

This is a visually stunning, powerful, and engaging documentary. The director's personal journey across India captures the stories of marginalized, powerless and oppressed living in dire conditions, while the corporate India is boasting of a superpower economy by 2020. 
Four very powerful stories woven around Earth, Fire, Wind and Water bring out the discriminative manner in which untouchables and tribal people are treated. After revealing many appalling stories, including a community that eats rats for survival, the film ends with hope, by featuring a group of 100,000 marginalized tribal preparing to stage a non violent foot march covering 340 kilometers over a period of one month, demanding land rights in the year 2012.

% Scheduled Cast / Scheduled Tribe Populations in States of India

Percentage of Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe populations in states of India. [Source: 2001 Census of India].

Religious Taxonomy of States and Districts in India

Religious Taxonomy of States and Districts in India

Sen on Inequitable Growth in India and Failure of the State.

Circles of Change

Design Thinking For Social Innovation


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