Religious Taxonomy of States and Districts in India

This study is an attempt to understand the religious convergence/divergence taking
place in India and across its states and districts, by analysing the levels and trends
using an index called Standardized Index of Diversity (SID). The index is constructed
using the six major religious distribution of population in India. Analysing district
level 2001 census datasets by religion using this SID index indicates that, all the
593 districts of India can be neatly divided into few clusters or groups, based
on the concentration of the religious distribution of population. The result shows
that according to Census 2001, in 390 districts of India Hindus are predominant
and in 22 districts Muslims are in majority as compared to other religious groups
prevailing in those districts. Other minority religious groups are found in majority in
the remaining districts, which are situated at the peripheral areas of India.